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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Cosmetic acupuncture is becoming mainstream as gua sha tools and jade rollers are trending as part of everyone’s beauty regime and celebrities like Alicia Keys are touting the amazing benefits. It has actually been practiced for thousands of years and was only accessible to the socially elite of Chinese Society.

Our acupuncturist, Irin White L.Ac. is certified in Facial and Cosmetic acupuncture and studied under various specialists. She is an expert in the treatment of neuromuscular facial disorders such as Bell’s palsy, facial paralysis due to stroke and cosmetic acupuncture.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a whole body holistic approach to skin care and aging. Each 90 minute session includes facial needles, full body treatment, facial cupping, gua sha, and jade rolling.

The needles stimulate the production of collagen and elastin naturally which will reduce and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin tone and quality. Cosmetic acupuncture can also help heal acne and diminish acne scars.

Because cosmetic acupuncture is a whole body approach to skin care, it will address things like digestive issues and anxiety, as well as constitutional issues such as those that contribute to bags under the eyes.


  1. Treatment begins with ultra fine needles gently inserted under the skin to create micro-trauma that stimulate blood flow. Irin performs sub-muscular needling of facial muscles to naturally lift and tone the face, sagging eye brows, cheeks and forehead.

  2. Once needling is complete, Irin performs gentle cupping to the face, neck and upper chest. Facial cupping is a gentle way to plump the skin, promote lymph drainage, and draw out impurities.

  3. Next, Irin utilizes rose quartz facial gua sha tools that further assist in smoothing fine lines, lifting the face and releasing tension in facial muscles, jaw and neck. The application of gua sha to shoulders and scalp provides a deeper release and complete relaxation.

  4. The treatment is completed with light jade rolling that cools the face, closes pores, and improves conditions such as rosacea and facial redness.

The final results of treatment are an overall brightening of the complexion, softening of fine lines, lifting of facial muscles, as well as increased energy and whole body balancing. It is a luxurious treatment that is truly fit for a queen (and kings).

It takes 21 days to grow collagen, and because of this, cosmetic acupuncture treatments should be looked at as a series of treatments and generally requires up to 6-12 weeks of regular treatments. After an initial treatment phase, bi-weekly or monthly treatments are recommended.

Irin offers other types of acupuncture as well, assisting in pain management, stress relief, fertility, and her personal favorite, Esoteric Acupuncture.


"With all the focus on beauty and things like Botox to improve our appearance it’s hard to resist BUT I had concerns about injecting fillers like that in my body then Irin told me about facial acupuncture and that I could get similar results. I have done several treatments and I am so happy with the results!" -- delighted client
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