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Springtime in the Desert...A Time for Growth!


Days are longer as winter ends, the desert swells as the heat expands. The planted – landed seed of life lies dormant, ready to flourish, teaming with abundance, opportunity and progression. The possible probable trigger of spring to open and activate the potential vitality of emergence. The latent energy amassed for instantaneous eruption of a visible display of existence. The desert soil becomes rich in spirit, color and nourishment. What once was possible is now attainable, clear and blatantly real. The expansion of beauty, stability and longevity has never been so authentic, from a peaceful explosion of life after the reflective, tranquil, slumber of winter. Peter J. White

Spring time is associated with the element of wood, and is paired with the liver and gallbladder organs. It is the time for growth and emergence, the chance to try something new. After a winter slumber of rest, reflection and processing it is now time to take that chance. Show off those new skills, ideas and thoughts. With growth comes higher emotions which is a perfect time to nourish the liver and gallbladder and promote upward and outward movement of Qi in the body. This will help bring the body and mind in harmony with spring time. Also with growth comes a chance to release what you don’t need. Go out there and be the person you have always wanted to be.

Some things you can do to nourish the liver and gallbladder and promote the outward motion of qi are:

☑️Wood element Qi Gong

☑️Acupuncture treatments

☑️Stretching of tendons and ligaments (which are controlled by the Liver/Gall bladder)

☑️Adding Liver nourishing foods such as Beef, lamb, mustard greens, broccoli, beets and goji berries to your day

☑️Breath work and Meditation to help you maintain calmness physically and mentally

☑️Chinese Herbs such as Bo he, You Jin, Chai Hu

Want to know more❓Schedule an appointment for your spring time recharge!

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