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Winter in the Desert A Celebration of the Water Element

Morning chill sets the tone, all is slow to open.

The desert dew is lazy to lift and gradually quenches the living earth.

As the day dawns the passion of the light invigorates the still to move. The growth is leisurely and intentional, not a nutrient is wasted in nourishing the tranquil growth and preservation of that which is to be.

Winter like rains are unhurried and slacken, pouring onto the lands with the deliberate character that seeps into every crevice not yet nurtured to stockpile potential energy for the bustling surge of instant growth that springtime provides for that which has accumulated during the winter season.

By Peter White

Winter is the season for rest, stillness and recovery. In the season of maximum yin allow your qi to flow downward and inward with the intention of restoring for the busy growth season of spring. The element of water is unique in every way, powerful and humble. Find the path of least resistance like the soothing, flowing waters of a gentle river to help release tension, discomfort, pain and stress. The ability to truly listen is an indication of a balanced water element. The moving meditation of Qigong will nourish the mind and body while maintaining stillness during the winter season.

Photo by Irin White

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