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What Exactly Is Cupping Therapy?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Peter and Irin are trained in traditional Chinese medicine which includes many types of therapies—cupping being just one of them. We use glass cups and fire to create suction.

Cupping can be preformed in a variety of ways and as a complementary therapy to treat an array of disorders. Here are our favorites:

  • Roll Cupping—lotion or cupping oil is applied to your skin prior to placing the cups then dragging them across the skin while maintaining a comfortable suction.

  • Wet Cupping (Pete’s favorite) uses a lancet and followed by cupping an area to draw out blood to relieve pain.

Benefits of cupping therapy include:
Relief of Anxiety Increased immunity Lymph Drainage Pain Relief Relieve Cough- moves phlegm out of the chest Enhancement of General Wellness

Cupping brings blood flow to achy backs and tight hamstrings, it’s perfect for athletes and active individuals. If you’re feeling exhausted and out of energy, you should refrain from getting cupped regularly.

Despite the dramatic reaction, often times cupping marks dissipate by the time you leave. However, it’s common to have some redness for a week or so afterward. The treatment is relaxing and not supposed to be painful.

Who you see for cupping matters! Proper training is required for the safest possible outcome. As licensed acupuncturists, we are also required to hold a certification in CNT (Clean Needle Technique), which trains us in blood born illnesses and communicable diseases. Cupping can bring micro-droplets of blood to the surface of the skin, therefore it’s imperative that whoever is cupping you is qualified in cupping and also has the knowledge to properly disinfect the cups in between use.

Have more questions? We're able to answer all questions or concerns you may have. Shoot us an email at

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